Rob Clearfield

Book design
Ashes and Diamonds

Essay and musical analysis in English and French, musical score, and paintings by Emily Pfaff

  • art direction
  • graphic design
“Andrzej Wajda’s 1958 film Ashes and Diamonds is a story of transition from one era to another. A pivotal shift is occurring in real time. Some people cling to old ways of living while others dive head-first into the future. But which future? A new path must be forged, but in what direction? Are our past struggles and concerns still relevant? Was the importance of our former situation purely subjective? Is it selfish to use a tragic cataclysm to create a new life for yourself?

... This is a piece about frustration and change. It’s also a piece about acceptance. Acceptance that things are the way they are, at least for now. To enact change, one must first accept the present reality with all its problems and complexities. It is only from that reality that transformation can occur.” —Rob Clearfield