Jennifer Boyd

art direction & graphic design

I love color and form, expressive type and smart strategies. I love creative process and seeing teams build great things together. For many years, I have created high performing brand experiences for major corporations, world class musicians and entrepreneurs in New York. I’m thrilled to be doing this work now from Paris and eager to work with likeminded people.
+33 06 29 87 24 71

Workshop Lemonade

February 2020

Over the years, I've realised that the biggest creative setbacks in office environments come from incomplete processes. Establishing foundations that allow teams and stakeholders to make objective creative decisions together doesn't just make everyone happier — it gets results.

To confront this, I organised a day-long creative process workshop in Paris with six designers. Using a design brief with missing info and questionable images, logo and type, we worked together to navigate constraints and develop original ideas. We found unique connections between color, emotion, form, music and texture and aligned them contextually for who the work was for and why. Workshop Lemonade was all about turning a brief full of lemons into a shiny campaign for Lemonade.

I find incredible value in creative process and try to bring this structured approach to all my work.